Visolve 4.3.0

Useful app for color-blind people


  • Filters are easy to use
  • A seelction of filters
  • Light on resources and easy to install


  • Only works with Internet Explorer


Visolve is a handy utility for color-blind people: it modifies color patterns in captured images and websites so that they can see and read them better.

Using Visolve is simple. The program includes two main apps: Visolve Deflector and Visolve Toolbar. The first one is a transparent frame that works as a screen capturing tool, and lets you take a screenshot of whatever you see through it. Once you’ve captured the image, you can easily change from one color pattern to another in the Transform menu.

The second tool, the Visolve Toolbar, is a browser toolbar that lets you apply the different color combinations included in the program to the website you’re currently visiting. Unfortunately, it only works with Internet Explorer.

Visolve includes a complete configuration menu with which you can easily adapt it to your personal needs.

This program can help color-blind people see images and read text on the computer in a much more comfortable way.



Visolve 4.3.0

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